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How to Allow Domains for Cobrowse Sessions

You may have more than one domain or brand to maintain. Should you have to create a new Cobrowse session across all these sites? (Absolutely not!) Give your users (and agents) a seamless cobrowsing experience by allowing those domains in Settings > Installation and Setup > Cobrowse Settings > Advanced Configuration.

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  • Allowing Your Domains

Allowing Your Domains 

You may have a Knowledge Base that’s on a different subdomain from your landing page. You’ll still want visitors to find what they’re looking for in a Cobrowsing session as you would on your usual site. Enable Cobrowsing on subdomains under ‘Your domains’ to give your visitors an uninterrupted cobrowsing experience.


To add additional domains, select ‘+ Add domain’. When you have listed the subdomains, select ‘Save Settings’.

Allowing domains gives agents and visitors a smooth Cobrowsing experience. If you use more than one domain, try it out today.


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