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Azure QnA Maker

We're taking a deeper look at some of our integrations, including this one. In the meantime, some of the functionality described here may not work as expected. Thank you for your patience.

QnA Maker is a web-based natural language processing (NLP) service provided by Microsoft Azure. Integrate your QnA Maker with Acquire to connect your knowledge bases and pre-programmed answers.

In this article:

  • Installing QnA Maker
  • Deploying QnA Maker in Your Widget
Note: In order to use this integration, you'll first need to build a QnA Maker. Learn how here →

Installing QnA Maker

Navigate to the Chatbot homepage and click on 'Third Party Bots'. Click 'Install Bot' under Azure QnA Maker.

A pop-up window will appear. Click 'Install'. On the next page, review the app permissions and click 'Authorize Access'. You will be redirected to Acquire to complete the app settings and connect your bot.

Enter your app_url, endpoint_key, and knowledge_base_id and click 'Save'. This information is available in your QnA Maker knowledge base. Navigate to Settings > Deployment Details > Postman to find the values.
Deploying QnA Maker in Your Widget

In Acquire, head to Settings > Workflows > Business Rules. Create a Business Rule to deploy the Azure QnA Maker bot. Once the Business Rule is live, QnA Maker question-answer pairs will be available in your Chat Widget.




Date :

I have uploaded xlsx file in Qna maker knowledge base. few text not taking like <input type="text" value="David"/> , <!-- Dummy comment -->, <import resource= “cst_jpa_spring_config.xml”> , these we want to show in as it is inanswer . Qna maker after upload showing blank in place of these text. Please suggest how it except the html tag in content

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