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Third Party Analytics

See your third party apps in action in Analytics > Third Party Apps. Third-Party apps are organized based on the integration's primary purpose, so you can quickly find what you need. 

In this article: 

  • Looking into Business Applications 
  • Delving into Lead Generation with Social Media Apps 
  • Seeing the Frequency of Messenger Apps

Looking into Business Applications 

Go to Analytics > Business Applications to track the number of leads ported to CRM software such as Freshdesk and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Use the date filter to track changes over days, weeks, months, and year-long segments. 

Delving into Lead Generation with Social Media Apps 

See which platforms generate the most leads for your organization in Analytics > Third Party Apps > Social Media Applications. 

Compare the volume of social media interactions using the bar graph. Each app represents a different color. Use the graph to determine which platforms offer high returns and where you could be doing more outreach.


Seeing the Frequency of Messenger Apps

You might have used other apps to set up meetings or add events to a client’s calendar. Go to Analytics > Third Party Apps > Messenger Apps to view the apps you’ve installed. 

Popular apps include: 

  • Article Search: See the Total Searched, Total Failed, and Total Successes to plan the next article for your Knowledge Base
  • Calendly: See Total Meetings Booked, Total Failed, and Total Succeeded so you can see how often agents set up meetings
  • Mailchimp: See Total Subscribed, Total Failed, and Total Successes and start providing instant value to your email subscribers
    Third Party Analytics provides an overview of your third party app integrations. 

You've just used analytics to see how your visitors engage through CRM, social media, and messaging apps. Perfect robust channels and make adjustments when your targets aren’t being hit with data.

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