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Scheduling Custom Reports

You may have instances where you’d like to see data on a weekly or monthly basis. You could filter for each reporting period, but it’s easier to send a recurring email using the ‘Schedule’ feature. You’ll save yourself time and have your reports sent directly to your email. 

In this article:

  • Scheduling a Custom Report
  • Editing or Deleting Custom Reports
Custom reports will reflect the creator's department-level timezone. If the creator does not belong to a department, the account's timezone will be used. 

Scheduling a Custom Report

To schedule a Custom Report, first create a custom report in Analytics > Custom Reports. After creating the report, click on the three dots ('...') in the upper right corner of the report page, then select ‘Schedule’. 


Select or type the email address(es) you’d like to send the report to, and select a schedule from the drop-down menu. You may select daily, weekly, or monthly reporting options (more time periods coming soon). The press ‘Schedule’. 

You’re now set to receive Custom Reports in your inbox.

Editing or Deleting Custom Reports

You may change your reports from weekly to monthly, or stop receiving the report altogether. To do so, click on three dots (‘...’) next to the filters button and select ‘Schedule’. From this menu, you may change details about the schedule or delete it. 


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