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Satisfaction Analytics

You’ve asked your visitors for feedback, now it’s time to dig into the data. 

In this article:

  • Viewing Your Feedback Analytics Overview 
  • Looking at Your Custom Feedback Responses

Viewing Your Feedback Analytics Overview

Make sure feedback is collected after each interaction in Settings > Conversation Settings > Feedback

Then go to Analytics > Satisfaction > Feedback. Use the filters to view feedback during a particular time or by department. The graph shows the average rating for that segment of time. 

The statistics at the bottom account for: 

  • All feedback
  • All custom feedback 
  • The number of 5+ star ratings for agents
  • The number of 4-star ratings for agents
  • The number of 3-star ratings for agents
  • The number of 2-star ratings for agents
  • The number of 1-star ratings for agents

Looking at Your Custom Feedback Responses

You might want more detailed feedback. 

See your Custom Feedback contextualized through: 

  • Thumbs Rating 
  • Checkbox Rating 
  • Checkbox Feedback
  • Radio button Feedback 
  • Text Feedback

Feedback creates a window into your visitor’s mind. Use this data to identify pain points and improve on features that your customers love.

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