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Agent Performance Analytics

How are your agents doing? Track their progress with Agent Performance.

In this article:

  • Reading Agent Performance Summary 
  • Viewing the Leaderboard   

Reading Agent Performance Summary 

To see a summary of agent performance, go to Analytics > Agent Performance > Summary. 

Use the dropdown menu at the top right to select a period of time. A list of your agents will appear in the left, scroll pane. You can also search for an agent by typing in the search bar. 

Once you click on an agent, a details graph will appear in the center pane. 


Hover over that agent’s graph to view: 

  • All (By Created Date): All the conversations they’ve had with visitors that were created during the selected time range (the left-most, bright green bar).
  • All (By Closed Date): All the conversations that were closed by the selected date and time (the second to the left, darker green bar). This means conversations can be created before the time range and be included in this metric, as long as they were closed by the ending date. 
  • Chats: All chats they’ve engaged in (the middle, blue bar) 
  • Missed: All chats they’ve missed (the right-most, yellow bar)
  • Average Response Time: The average amount of time the agent took to respond to an incoming chat (the gray, dotted line)

View totals and averages at the bottom of the graph: 

  • All chats, calls, SMSes, and Emails the agent responded to
  • Chats the agent engaged in
  • Missed Chats are chat the agent failed to respond to
  • Calls the agent was part of
  • SMS conversations the agent engaged in 
  • Emails the agent sent 
  • Private Forms the agent filled out 
  • Their Average Rating from visitor feedback 
  • The Average Time the agent took to respond

Viewing the Leaderboard 

Celebrate wins and address issues in Analytics > Agent Performance > Leaderboard. The factors that determine their placement are: 

  1. Rating 
  2. Number of solved cases
  3. Name (if an agent has no solved cases or rating)
  4. Time added (if an agent has no solved cases or rating)

View an agent’s: 

  • Role
  • Departments
  • Number of Solved Cases 
  • Total Time Spent Per Case — Total cases x average time per case
  • Average Time Spent Per Case — Total time spent divided by the number of close conversations
  • Average Response Time 
  • Average Rating Feedback 
Note: agents who haven't solved any cases will appear at the bottom of the graph.

Filter the results by department or time. Export the data into a spreadsheet by selecting the three dots (‘...’) and then choose Export.

Setting goals and communicating effectively with your agents leads to strong wins down the road. Use the Agent Performance to keep your team on target.

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