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Allow visitors to schedule meetings with your team using Calendly links.


How to install:

Go to the Acquire App Store > Widget Apps > Calendly. Click ‘Install App’. Review the app capabilities and click ‘Install’. On the next screen, review the permissions and access levels, then click ‘Authorize Access’.

How to set up:

After installation, you’ll be taken back to Acquire and into Calendly App Settings. Alternatively, click the three dots ‘...’ in the upper right of the app tile and select ‘Edit’ to open the wizard. Enter your calendar link, an invitation message, and button label, then click ‘Save’.

Then, navigate to Settings > Messenger Setup > Widget Apps. Click on Calendly and then click ‘Push App to Widget’ to complete installation.

Note: At this time, only 1 Calendly link can be tied to an account, whether that's a personal or team link.

How to use:

Visitors will click ‘Book a Meeting’ to open the calendar and select a date and time. They'll then be prompted to enter their name and their email address. Once submitted, a user will need to confirm the meeting. When confirmed, a calendar invite will be sent to both the visitor and the user.



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