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Creating Segments and Campaigns

Let groups of customers know about upcoming events with campaigns. Use Campaigns to send message blasts to your contacts.

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Creating a Segment

To start using campaigns, create a segment of contacts you want to send the campaign message to. Segments are unique to each account, and you won’t be able to use another agent’s segments in your campaigns. Follow these steps to create segments for your account:

Step 1: To set up a segment, go to your Contact List.

Step 2: Use the ‘Add filters’ button to search for contacts. You may search by name, company, location, technology used, and custom fields.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected your filters, you’ll see a list of the contacts associated with that filter.

Step 4: Next to the filter, you’ll see an option to ‘Save Segment’


Step 5: Once you ‘Save’ the segment, you may use that segment in your campaigns.

Sending a Campaign

After you’ve created a segment, go to Contact List and click on Campaigns. Here you can add campaigns.

Click on the ‘Create Campaign’ button to start composing your campaign message, title, and description.

In ‘Select segment’, choose the contact segment you’d like to send the message to. You may send your message via SMS or email


Once you’ve written your message, click on ‘Create’. You’ll be notified once your campaign is sent out. 


Once sent, campaign messages will appear on your Dashboard as conversations. You’ll be able to respond to customer questions directly from the thread.


Use campaigns to inform customers about exciting updates or potential service outages.

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